Peterloo Poets

Poetry Publishers 1972 - 2009

Stella Davis, Last Boat to Avalon

Stella Davis
Last Boat to Avalon

Published March 2009

John Lucas, Harry Chambers & Peterloo Poets

John Lucas
Harry Chambers & Peterloo Poets: 37 Years of Poetry Publishing
Published February 2009

F.J. Williams, Reading Lesson in the Lifers' Wing

F.J. Williams
Reading Lesson in the Lifers’ Wing

Published March 2009

Keith Chandler, The English Civil War Part 2

Keith Chandler
The English Civil War Part 2

Published January 2009

Elizabeth Sandie, Acts of Resistance

Elizabeth Sandie
Acts of Resistance: The Poetry of U.A. Fanthorpe

Published February 2009

Diana Hendry, Late Love & Other Whodunnits

Diana Hendry
Late Love & Other Whodunnits

Published December 2008