Peterloo Poets

Poetry Publishers 1972 - 2009

Harry Chambers & Peterloo Poets:
37 Years of Poetry Publishing

By John Lucas

Harry Chambers & Peterloo PoetsHarry Chambers & Peterloo Poets celebrates a press which, in the 37 years of its existence, has made an impact on contemporary poetry out of all proportion to its apparently modest scale. This is entirely due to one man, Harry Chambers, whose energy, managerial know-how, editorial skills, and unfailingly shrewd eye for good – and often unfashionable – poetry have made the books he has published under the imprint of Peterloo Poets a byword for quality both of production and content.

John Lucas is Professor Emeritus at the universities of Loughborough and Nottingham Trent. He has published 8 collections of poetry, most recently Flute Music, 2006, and is author of many books of literary criticism and history, including studies of Dickens, Clare, and Arnold  Bennett, and England and Englishness and The Radical Twenties. He has played cornet with many jazz groups in the Nottingham area, where he has lived since 1964, and where, since 1994, he has been publisher/editor of Shoestring Press. His book about Greece, 92 Acharnon Street, won the Dolman Award for Best Travel Book of 2007.

“Peterloo Poets is a small publishing house run by Harry Chambers in Cornwall. Its books are sensitively designed; each has a striking illustrated cover and the typography is excellent. The quality of production is much better than the usual standard of poetry paperbacks issued by major publishers.”
G.B.H. Wightman, British Book News


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Cover Illustration: Woodcut after Bertall from Briffanet’s Paris dans l’eau (1844).
Publication: February 2009 (46 pages laminated paperback)