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Poems By Kate Scott

StitchesKate Scott has published short fiction and poetry in literary magazines in the U.K. and abroad. She received a distinction on completing a M.Litt in Creative Writing at St. Andrews University. She lives in London with her husband and baby daughter. Stitches is her first collection of poetry.

“Kate Scott’s poems are written in a natural and affectionate voice, which makes her often mysterious and lyrical perceptions natural too. Stitches is a rich collection, full of variousness, wonders, the closely observed, and sensuously recorded, and the unpredictable.” Douglas Dunn
“... the poems are very good - subtle, grown up, full of feeling, beautifully modulated and controlled.” Al Alvarez

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Teenagers Waiting at the Station

Fourteen or fifteen years old,
their voices not yet stretched into shape,
they bluster on to the platform.
they have a sulky look, a look still unsexed,
their sallowness waiting to ripen.

They lean, tucked into corners,
their limbs taken from mannequins,
ill-fitting, awkward, crude.

there is something veiled about them,
their eyes lowered or glazed,
like the sly lids of geckos basking on walls.

Up close, they smell of fusty shut-up rooms,
cigarettes sneaked through window cracks,
medicated face wash, fresh sweat.

They dream of being men, of walking in the wide spaces.
Meanwhile, they share their fears without words,
the astonishment at this disconnection, this treachery
as their bodies speed ahead and leave them behind,
like a train suddenly split to two different tracks.

They are steeped in longing,
taut and nervous as colts with the waiting.
They tense with the urge to autograph,
to leave a mark, a stamp, a cry,
to use the voice they know is disappearing daily,
while there is still time.


Price available on request
Cover illustration: by Carter MacLeod, aged six.
Publication: AUTUMN 2003 (63 pages laminated paperback)