Peterloo Poets

Poetry Publishers 1972 - 2009

We regret to announce that Peterloo Poets ceased trading this year after a publishing history that spanned four decades. The story of Harry Chambers and Peterloo Poets is told in ‘Harry Chambers and Peterloo Poets: 37 Years of Poetry Publishing’ by John Lucas. If you would like to order a copy of this or any other Peterloo Title, please e-mail publisher@peterloopoets.com and we will endeavour to put you in touch with the author or the author’s estate.

John Lucas,-Harry-Chambers-&-Peterloo

The Old Chapel, Calstock'For three decades and more, Harry Chambers, the Publishing Director of Peterloo Poets, has been one of the great "hearers and hearteners" of the work being done in British and Irish poetry. Peterloo Poets, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2006, is a publishing house that has earned the trust of readers and writers alike; it has managed to keep the art in touch with its traditions and alive to its possibilities.'
Seamus Heaney

'Harry Chambers, the publisher of Peterloo Poets, continues to put to shame the London publishing houses, in the flow of attractively produced volumes coming from his press. The poet who finds his major outlet in the Peterloo series is fortunate indeed.'
D.M. Thomas/Arts South West

'Peterloo Poets is a small publishing house run by Harry Chambers in Cornwall. Its books are sensitively designed; each has a striking illustrated cover and the typography is excellent. The quality of production is much better than the usual standard of poetry paperbacks issued by major publishers.'
G.B.H. Wightman / British Book News